2017 AWC Vienna

18th Jan 2019

AWC Vienna 2017

AWC Vienna is the international leader of quality awards for wine and is recognised by the European Union. With over 12000 wines from nearly 2000 producers across 40 countries, it is a truly international challenge.

We entered 9 wines and receive 9 awards. We are particularly happy with out 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon, receiving a Gold award and our 2014 Shiraz a Silver award.

Results for Lillypilly Wines:

GOLD    2014 Lillypilly Cabernet Sauvignon

SILVER 2014 Lillypilly Chardonnay

SILVER 2011 Lillypilly Gewurztraminer

SILVER 2014 Lillypilly Shiraz

SILVER 2015 Lillypilly Moscato

SILVER 2015 Lillypilly Sweet Harvest

SILVER 2015 Lillypilly Noble Blend

SEAL of APPROVAL  2015 Lillypilly Sauvignon Blanc

SEAL of APPROVAL  2014 Lillypilly Rosé